Adriana Trigiani's "Kiss Carlo" Book Signing & Brunch

This past Saturday, June 17th, 2017, I headed to Tenafly, New Jersey for Adriana Trigiani's brunch and book talk for her newest novel, Kiss Carlo. Drawing nearly a crowd of three hundred, fans from the area gathered for an afternoon of laughter, fun, and Adriana's entertaining stories. 


When she entered the room, fans formed a line to take photographs with the New York Times Best Selling Author, and Adriana embraced each and everyone one of them. With her warm personality, she instantly made everyone feel as if we had known her forever. As she worked through the line, she gave each guest a kiss on a cheek and a hug, and cracked jokes and made conversation as she posed for photographs. As we all chatted at our tables, enjoying the brunch and Adriana's down to earth personality, what lay in store was not only a book talk, but a one woman show.

Adriana's "book talk" was a beautifully organized monologue detailing stories of her upbringing, family history and traditions. Adriana truly has a gift of storytelling, making the audience feel as if we knew each family member she talked about, and keeping all of us in stitches with laughter for most of the ninety minute talk. With her humor and detail, Adriana was able to compact so many stories and so much history into a short period of time. Through her storytelling of real life events, she then lays the groundwork for her brand new novel, Kiss Carlo, which tells the tales of large, extended Italian families. 

 Adriana speaking to the crowd about her novel "All The Stars In The Heavens"

Adriana speaking to the crowd about her novel "All The Stars In The Heavens"

For many of us, we wanted to hear more of Adriana's stories and about her inspiration behind her novels. Adriana generously stayed after her talk and personalized the signed copies of Kiss Carlo. She also answered a guest's question about what inspired her to write All The Stars in The Heavens (2015), which was a compilation of both real life characters and events as well as fiction. While we all could have stayed for the remainder of the day to listen to Adriana speak, our time had to come to an end, but not before she kindly signed by copy of Kiss Carlo!


I cannot say enough good things about my favorite author of all time, Adriana Trigiani, who is such a warm and personable woman. As a writer, she serves as an inspiration to always keep writing, and to be fearless in putting your ideas out there. As an Italian American, Adriana is a reminder to stay true to your roots, and to never forget our rich history and traditions that Italians hold so dear, especially in today's modern culture. All of our families have stories and traditions that make us who we are today, and it is important to hold onto those stories and memories.

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The epic novel Kiss Carlo hits shelves TODAY! Make sure to pick up your copy, you won't want to miss this perfect summer read! You can watch the Kiss Carlo book trailer below. Happy reading!

Tanti baci,

The Sweet Paisana