Holiday Hostess: The Perfect Playlist

Ciao a tutti! If you know me, you know I love all things related to the holiday season. After taking a break from blogging to focus on a busy season at work, I am back with a holiday-inspired series of posts, entitled Holiday Hostess, that will help you prepare show stopping holiday looks, legendary parties, delectable desserts, and more. Allora, let's begin...


While there are many components that make up a great party, from the food to the decor, one of the key components is the music. Being in the restaurant industry, I know firsthand just how important the right music is in setting the ambiance and atmosphere. The same is said for home entertaining. The right music sets the mood, energizes your guests, and by the same token, helps them to relax and enjoy the night. 

I have put together 35 of my favorite songs for holiday entertaining, and of course, with an Italian twist. This playlist includes both some of my favorite holiday songs, some lively Italian tunes, and classic hits from Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, two voices that no one grows tired of listening to. Check out the full playlist below!

I hope you all enjoy these tracks as much as I do, especially during the holiday season! Christmas music is classic and warm, and can often remind people of some of their favorite holiday memories. What are your favorite holiday songs? COMMENT BELOW! 

Tanti baci,

The Sweet Paisana

Stay tuned for more holiday inspired posts!

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